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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

East of Red Rock with the Explorers

Dawn NW of the El Paso Mountains.
We set up camp here on Saturday evening after most of the Explorers were driving home.
Later that evening our campsite neighbors provided some entertainment. When asked if we would mind if they continued a family tradition of firing up a Sobe gasoline bomb. I said, "Okay with me, as long as it is closer to your vehicles than ours." Click here to view explosion in slow motion.
Our trek began by meeting 12 other vehicles at our rally spot in Mojave. After everyone arrived we drove into the desert.
 Jawbone Canyon
 Burro Schmidt's epic endeavor.
 The College Girl
 The site of Della's home.
Walt's camp.
This familiar portal.
 A mysterious cairn.
Looking back at the road to our camp.
A restoration experiment. Dirt bike tracks in a small wash.
After repairs. Will return in one year to evaluate.
Brandon spotted this gnome camp fire ring. It was about seven inches wide. Knowing that he works for 20th Century/Fox I was suspicious and thought this might be a clever marketing ploy for "Gnomeo and Juliet."
We were expecting a fair showing of wild flowers on this trip after good spring rains but blooms were in short supply. These blooms were some of the few that were to be seen. Below are photos of desert flowers from spring 2003.

A herd of happy herbivores.