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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Alvord, Owlshead and Ibex Mountains

Near Alvord Mine, Alvord Mountains

Ruins at Alford Mine

Remote location in Spanish Canyon

Spanish Canyon, Alford Mountains

Owlshead Mountains, DVNP. In 18 months a tragedy will unfold near this tower.

Burro trail

Burros posing

A load of old armor that was used as targets sitting on a flat bed trailer just outside of Fort Irwin's remote NE gate. Headed for the smelter.

Fording the Amargosa River, DVNP

Near Superior Mine, Ibex Hills, DVNP

Crossing nortthern edge of Ibex Dunes, DVNP

Negotiating Ibex Wash on way to the mining camps near Ibex Spring, DVNP

Mining camp at Ibex Spring