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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Southern Nevada: Rainbow Canyon and Mormon Mountains - "a blast from the locomotive"

Bosco and I packed up our Kane Springs Road camp and drove east back down into Rainbow Canyon.
Driving over and crossing under the railroad tracks was a theme on this road.
More gorgeous rock waiting for the right light.
We drove under the railroad and up Cottonwood Canyon to the Clover Mountain Wilderness boundary.
Potential for future exploration but soon it was time to move on.
First a photograph, then a wave at the engineer and last a blast from the locomotive's horn were the three actions at this stop.
Our route continued south to Lyman Crossing and then east to the Tule Desert where a choice had to be made. We drove south toward the Mormon Mountains.
Wild flowers were blooming.
A small herd of horses crossed the road ahead of us.
The drive south through the Tule Desert was very scenic although probably a dry and dusty trip in the summer.
Heading west into the Mormon Mountains on Horse Hollow Road.
Plenty of water after good winter rains.
Our route took us high into the mountains until we reached a wilderness boundary.
Bosco and I hiked on to Horse Spring.
Looking east down into the south fork of Toquop Wash.
We hiked higher until the trail disappeared.
Bosco led the way back to camp, occasionally looking back to check on me.
Our camp at the wilderness boundary.
It rained several times during the night but dawn brought partially cloudy skies.
Our route south with the East Mormon Mountains on the left.
A view west toward Moapa Peak.
Far in the distance was Interstate 15 and our route home.

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