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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Caliente Mountain Camp/Bike/HIke - "road deteriorates past the old gate "

After leaving Jalama Beach we drove north to CA 166 and then east to the Cuyama Valley.

Entering the Carrizo Plain National Monument.
The start the Caliente Ridge Road.  I have driven this road four times and what the sign doesn't tell the driver is that the road is narrow with few turnouts and not a place you want to be when it rains.
Dawn on Caliente Ridge. It was windy but not very cold (40ยบ) during the night. This is where I began my bike and hike to Caliente Mountain.
My shadow accompanies me as I ride the old dirt road.
 The radio tower is the first way-point on the trail.
This picnic table is the second way-point on the trail.
The road deteriorates past this old gate but is still an easy ride.
 I parked my bike near this guzzler, third way-point, and began to hike.
 A view of Caliente Mountain from the last of several false summits.
Fog covers the lowlands to the southeast.
 A raptor searching for lunch.
 Rock formation near the summit.
 I reach the summit of Caliente Mountain, after 8 miles of biking and hiking up and down the ridge-line. (Did I mention up and down the ridge-line?) The WWII observation cabin has now collapsed. Photo from 1989.
 Found this entry in the summit register concerning lost pilot Christopher Kidd.
To the southwest the Sierra Madre rise above of the fog.
 After leaving the summit I hike back to my bike. Camp is three miles beyond the high ridge in the distance. I am looking forward to making it to the tower on that ridge because from there it is 80% down hill.
While back at camp changing my shoes two riders came by and asked if we could provide some water for their dog. After "Fido" hydrated they headed back to Selby Camp.
Exiting the Caliente Ridge Road.
Looking back.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Two nights at Jalama Beach - "as waves crashed ashore"

We arrived late Wednesday evening, set up camp and retired for the night.
Thursday morning: Waves break on the beach as dawn breaks on the horizon.
First footsteps to the beach.
Sunrise at Jalama Beach County Park. When we arrived the night before and all the beach campsites were full but no one was camping in the main campground.
The coast north of Jalama.
Jan relaxes on the dunes as waves crashed ashore.
Photo of campsite 4 from campsite 81.
Later that afternoon we walked over to the store and ordered a couple of Jalama Burgers.
Gulls like this one made quite a ruckus when landing on the FWC's roof.
The Coast Starlight stopped on the Jalama Creek bridge as the sun set over the Pacific.
Jan watches the same sunset as Coast Starlight passengers.
Two platforms, a gull and a sunset.
Friday morning.
Surfers headed south.
A plover wonders why none of his avian buddies are wearing anklets.
Self portrait.

Just before leaving Jalama Beach FWC owners Betsy and Joe from Ventura, CA stopped by our camp. It was a pleasure to chat with them. I neglected to take a photo of their FWC.
I departed Jalama at 1:15, riding my bike east across the Jalama Ranch, racing Jan the 14 miles back to Highway 1. Jan left at 1:50 and passed me about 1/2 mile from Jalachichi Summit. Next time I will ask for a 50 minute head start.