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How we became four wheel campers.

Camping before Four Wheel Camper. 
 Hundreds of camps in hundreds of different locations.
  In tents,
 on the ground, 
Unimog photo by Ron Pinkerton in old mining cabins
 or in the bed of the truck.
 When we couldn't find a level spot without rocks I would hang a hammock (we had just returned from climbing a nearby 13'er) ...
 and Jan would sleep in the truck. Especially when she thought there were bears nearby.
 Our Tacoma without the FWC and loaded with camping gear. Why the flag? It was the Fourth of July.
This is one of the camps that started us thinking about a camper. We stayed at this location for two days while climbing a nearby 14'er.
The night before our climb was cold but peaceful. On the second day rain, hail, high winds and a massive thunderstorm raged around our camp from late afternoon until 2 A.M. When packing up our wet gear the next morning we discussed alternatives to tent camping.

Our biggest requirement was that we could still travel on difficult 4x4 roads to remote locations with our Tacoma. 
This meant that the camper needed to be lightweight and designed to withstand the demands of off-road exploration.
 FWC has a welded aluminum frame instead of the
 stapled wood frame found on most campers.
We chose a Four Wheel Camper.