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Sunday, March 28, 2010

FWC leads 18 vehicles on a surprise camping adventure. Destination the Alabama Hills.

Our camp looks secluded but there are about 50 people camping nearby.
The invitation read, "Surprise Camping Adventure - You won't know where you are camping until we get there. Meet Rancho Pico 5 PM Saturday March 27, 3 hour drive. No special vehicle needed. No restrooms. Bring bike, great place to ride

18 families accepted the invitation.
Eight are camping on this loop of road.
In the center of the photo at a distant campsite is a good looking truck sporting an All Terrain Camper.

Ten more families surround this rock formation.

Photo courtesy of Rick White
Every campsite had awesome panoramic views.

Photo courtesy of Rick White
A photo of me taking a photo of the camps below.

Three friends find a place to talk with Mount Williamson in the background.

Photo courtesy of Rick White
Austin's body language says it all.

Photo courtesy of Rick White
We hiked over to Mobius Arch and Rick snapped this classic photo.

Two on a rock and they seem very excited about their accomplishment.

After photographing some old movie locations and saying goodbye to all of the campers we head for home.

The obligatory photo when driving the Whitney Portal Road.