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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Surprise Adventure: Kelso Dunes

The invitation read: Surprise Adventure, Pick up directions at Rancho Pico at 5 PM. Follow the directions 221 miles to Mr. Johnson's location.
Morning clouds at our Kelso Dunes camp. We drove out the night before to secure spaces for the adventurous Explorers.
Afternoon clouds drifting over the Providence Mountains.
Sand plumes blowing off the dune summits.
Providence Mountains
Sunset at the dunes and the wind was gusting.
I made a sign (Jan felt it made us look like hillbillies) so everyone would know where to find us because we were expecting about 15 vehicles later that evening. The first vehicle arrived at 8:30 PM and the last at 9:40 PM.
At 10:30 PM about 40 people hiked into the darkness headed for the summit of the 665 foot high dune.
Second dawn.
Hard to see but there are 17 vehicles at our camp. Their welcoming sign from the night before is in the lower right hand corner.
The next morning some in our group decided to summit the dune again.
Most of our group drove to the Kelso Depot for lunch.