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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jan driving in Peru?

A couple of weeks ago an internet wanderer came across a photo.
Looking closer at the photo he noticed a small dent in the rear bumper and remembered a recent post on our blog that showed the same dent.
 He asked where we were when the photo was taken. I confirmed that it was our truck and camper but curiously there were no photos in our iPhoto library of us driving into a lush green valley.
Now I was intrigued. Looking at the reflection in the windows and examining the truck and camper for clues a time frame began to take shape. The small piece of wood stuck in a roof clamp confirmed the date. That piece of wood was what remained of a small flag that we were flying on the Fourth of July in Colorado during the summer of 2007.
I examined photos from our Colorado trip and found a photo that matched the one from Peru.  Minus the lush green valley.
Looking closely you can see the broken piece of flag pole in the roof clamp and that the reflections in the windows are a match.  The clinchers are the dent in the bumper and Jan's hand on the steering wheel. Mystery solved or Jan has been taking clandestine trips to South America.