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Sunday, May 21, 2017

El Paso Mountains, CA, Desert Trek 2017 - "They were there and then they were gone."

 Our first stop on the Desert Trek was at the Jawbone Siphon of the Los Angeles Aqueduct.
 Next we drove into the El Paso Mountains east of Red Rock Canyon State Park. We visited an old mine and stopped at the location of Della Gerbracht's house.
 It was here that we discovered Colton's rock stacking abilities.
 Next stop was Toni Seger's home which is located next to Burro Schmidt's cabin.
 Then we walked around the hill to the tunnel.
 William Henry Schmidt spent 38 years digging this half-mile tunnel.
Every walked through the mountain. I stayed outside with Bosco.
Dusty design with a faded Explorers flag.
 We passed by a spot where I once camped in my Unimog. Miss that old piece of iron and wish on the morning of the wildfire that destroyed our home I would have chosen to drive it out instead of my Tacoma.
We drove on through hills still green from winter rains.
 Evidence that Colton was in the area.
Our destination was the abandoned Old Dutch Cleanser Seismotite mine.
They were there and then...
they were gone.