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Saturday, September 19, 2015

West ridge of Frazier Mountain, LPNF - "a recent lightning strike"

 Drove past Chucupate Campground and then up Frazier Mountain to escape the heat and spend some time outside in cool air.
 The gate was open and our route was clear.
 We wound our way through a shadow speckled forest.
 Passed evidence of a recent lightning strike.
 Set up camp at about 7,500 feet.
 Went on a short hike just before sunset and then returned to camp to read enjoying the cool night air.
 The early light of sunrise found us hiking the forest west of camp following the faint track of an old road. In the same area 30 years ago following another faint old road I found an old mining camp but no such luck on this hike.
After reaching a small meadow we reversed our course and returned to camp.
Soon it was time to drive the speckled forest once again and return home.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

14 hour get-a-way, ANF - "An hour later we were..."

 Received a message from the owner of the Big Blue Van, "doing anything tonight, need to get away from town."An hour later we were driving north into the Sierra Pelona of the Angeles National Forest.
 We drove though the foothills and climbed up to a flat spot on a ridge and set up camp.
 Sunrise at our Powerhouse Four camp.
After breakfast we packed up camp and began our drive back home and completed our 14 hour get-a-way.