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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Leavitt Lake - "towing an ancient looking camper"

We arrived at Leavitt Lake early in the afternoon, set up camp and relaxed. The last time we were here I hiked to Leavitt Peak. This year my plan wasn't very ambitious: read, nap, eat and paddle the lake. Originally we were to meet some friends at Sonora Pass who were section hiking the PCT but we had a message on Jan's mobile that their schedule had changed.
Note: Four years ago I received an email asking about the difficulty of the road to Leavitt Lake. I responded that we barely had the need for 4WD. That is not the case now, however. There were two sections where we needed 4WD and several vehicles had parked below the first difficult part. Neither of the sections were particularly difficult but the road is now more 2+ than 1+ out of 5.
 Our canoe waits for us as we wait for the wind to mellow. While sitting in camp a couple of fishermen walked by and struck up a conversation. One of them had an interesting story from the previous year. He said, "Last year we were camping in your spot when an elderly couple drove up in an old pickup truck towing an ancient looking camper. They were returning to the site of their honeymoon, 50 years ago." Wish I could have been there last year to have met the couple.
 The story of the honeymooners got me to thinking. Would Jan and I be returning to the site of our wedding on its 50th anniversary? We were married on the summit of a 14'er.
Dawn at Leavitt Lake.
Morning light on a nearby tree.
After breakfast the wind had calmed down a little and I looked at Jan and said, "it probably isn't going to get any better than this, let's launch." Jan dressed like we were paddling on Mono Lake in the winter.
The water on the lake was gorgeous.
Our camp from the lake. Odd that I never noticed the row of rocks before now.
I also noticed another pop-up camper back in the trees. Must have been one of the four vehicles that arrived at the lake in the evening the day before.
After lunch it was time to head down the hill to a motel. Since we weren't rendezvousing with our PCT friends Jan was going to get to the motel/shower a day early. Pardon the pun but Jan was a very happy camper.
Same shot as five years ago. Same truck, different camper.
Probably the most difficult section of the road.
Almost back to CA 108. The Sweetwater Mountains in the distance.


  1. Funny, just noticed your photo of our truck with the pop up camper. We started out on our hike at dawn and hoped to stop by and say hello upon our return at the end of the day, but alas, you had already departed from Leavitt Lake.

    1. At dawn I was out taking photos and remember seeing some people. Well, we are getting closer. The last time you were 3000 vertical feet and four miles away.