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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Prewitt Ridge, Big Sur - "Another butterscotch sunset"

 We traveled through the oil fields west of Lost Hills in Kern County.
 And then continued west on CA 46 headed to Paso Robles.
But could not resist a stop at Blackwells Corner.
 To purchase some peppery snacks.
 After a delicious lunch at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Paso Robles we continued west and soon sighted the Pacific Ocean in the distance.
 The air temperature dropped dramatically as we neared the coast.
 A few miles north of Cambria Jan was photographed walking along the beach wiggling her toes in the Pacific.
 We stopped at several pullouts to admire the views.
 Panorama of the photograph above.
We drove past Heart's Castle.
 Made a quick visit to view the elephant seals. We both agreed that there was more seal activity in mid February.
Birds flying north reminded us to move along to our destination.
 We turned east on the Nacimiento-Fergusson Road. The first time I drove this road was in 1990 with my father. After visiting Hearst's Castle we were on our way across the coastal range to Sequoia National Park. I remember the old Marine was disappointed that the base was an Army post but was excited to see tank tracks.
 And immediately the Nacimiento-Fergusson Road began to gain elevation.
 After about six miles we were high above the fog.
At around 2,600 feet we reached the summit and turned right onto the South Coast Ridge Road.
 The sun was sending golden fingers of light into the trees as we drove along the ridge.
 We chose a campsite and popped up the camper just as the sun was setting over the foggy Pacific.
 Dinner was enjoyed above an ocean of gray clouds topped with a butterscotch sunset.
 Ursa Major above a moonlit camper.
 Dawn at Prewitt Ridge.
 Thirty minutes later the sun created a glory on the fog down below. If you are standing on top of the peak creating this phenomenon your shadow will appear in the glory creating a Brocken Spectre. Named after shadowy glories seen on the highest peak in the Harz Mountains in Germany. I was on The Brocken about ten years ago but it was so foggy that I could barely find my way back to the train, let alone, see a spectre.
 The fog would clear.
 And then it would roll back in.
 Jan wanted the fog to clear off completely but I wanted it to move in and cover our camp. Neither one of us got what we wanted.
 Soon it was time for the sun to set again at our Prewitt Ridge camp.
 A Four Wheel Camper lens flare photo.
 Cone Peak to the north.
 Another butterscotch sunset.
 The next morning JC from Canoga Park pulled up looking for a place to camp. We talked for a while and he was pleased to hear that we were leaving this spectacular campsite and soon it would all be his.
 We drove out Alms Ridge to check out the campsite at the end of the road.
 On our way we passed an abandoned BMW.
 Returning back up the ridge after visiting Alms Campground. If you are planning on visiting this area, avoid driving out to this poison oak laden, one fire ring site and camp at Prewitt.


  1. Do you still have your GPX info from this Adventure?

  2. Looks like a spectacular place! Do you think it would be accessible without 4wheel drive?