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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Visiting Walker Lake and driving the Corey Peak road, near Hawthorne, NV

Jan is admiring the view of Walker Lake, NV before we begin to drive up the Corey Peak road.

She did not have any admiration for the large, really large orb weaver spiders that inhabited the brush near the beach. 100,000's of them. Webs everywhere.

We drove a little bit further down the road and there were fewer spiders.

Jan is a lot more relaxed as she again poses next to Walker Lake.

Sign on the way to the Corey Peak road.

Cabin about one mile from the secondary summit that is festooned with antennas.

The actual summit of Corey Peak.


  1. Lived out there for years. The spiders situation was every year, and I've walked through a full web of them - still have nightmares 10 years later. We also faced a massive battle with wind scorpions, and they make the spiders look good. Cool write up, best of travels to you.

    1. We try to explain those spiders to other people but it is great to hear from someone who understands. Can't imagine living in the area. Looked into wind scorpions. Those are some large ugly critters. Thanks for posting.