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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stanislaus National Forest - "rocky loose climb up to the top"

Calaveras Dome near Salt Springs Reservoir.
We passed this spot on our drive to look at the dam because I had read that it suffered from consolidation problems during construction causing problems with cracking of the concrete face. The cracks were causing leaks and the surface of the dam has been covered with a flexible membrane.

North Fork of Mokelumne River camp, SW of Salt Springs Reservoir.
Early in the morning a rather smallish bird made quite a ruckus hopping around on the rood of the camper. It sounded like a condor.

There were several of these missing person notices, for Steve Sid, posted near the campgrounds.

Driving through the forest toward the North Fork of Mokelumne River.

Bear Trap Basin
I spent a night in this cabin back in 2002 pre FWC.

Sea of Mule Ears, near Bear Trap Basin

Camp on ridge above Corral Hollow.
The only difficult section of this road is the rocky loose climb up to the top of this ridge. Everything else is pretty mellow.

Corral Hollow 4X4 road

Corral Hollow 4X4 road

Near Monitor Pass

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  1. Your pictures are very cool, hope I can go to a forest one day.