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Thursday, July 19, 2007

San Juan Mountains, CO

Camp near Stoney Pass preparing to hike two of the nearby mountains. Our favorite spot was being used by the shepherd who was herding hundreds of sheep between Sheep and Canby Mountains.

Approaching the summit of Sheep Mountain 13,291

On the approach to Sheep Mountain

The summit of Canby Mountain 13,478

Some of the sheep in the area.

Hoodoo on the CDT

Mine near Stoney Pass.

A couple of bucks near the road east of Stoney Pass

Fording the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River entering American Basin

Summit of Handies Peak 14,048

Camping in American Basin
It was so darn pretty here that we stayed for two nights.
Hiked Handies Peak from this camp.

Met a backpacker near our camp in American Basin and gave him a ride into Silverton the next morning.

Jan's favorite BBQ in Silverton.

Descending west side of Ophir Pass

Descending west side of Ophir Pass

Just east of Bolam Pass.

Camp west of Bolam Pass

Near Slumgullion Pass

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