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Sunday, February 10, 2013

East and West of Newberry Springs

 71 people in 22 vehicles met us at the rally point west of Newberry Springs. The group then followed us on to our destination for an afternoon of adventure.
 Some found adventure high
 Others found adventure low.
This was the first one I found adventure in, a long time ago. One of many explored over the years.
 Self portrait near another.
 As afternoon waned we all returned to our vehicles by different routes.
 Near sunset everyone had checked out, were in their vehicles and headed for home. We drove west to the Newberry Mountains.
 We were headed for the Azucar Mine. Why the Azucar Mine? Because of something I had read online.. It was written by a man who worked at the mine in 1935.
 So many times when visiting old sites I think about how the stories of the men and women who lived and worked at these long abandoned locations have been forgotten. After reading Mr. Moore's story we had to visit.
 Dawn near the Azucar Mine.
 After breakfast I walked over to the mine to find the cabin that Joe and Brian lived in.
 I found several shafts.
 Either of which could have been the one where the delayed shot exploded after dinner.
View from the mine looking south.
 An adit located on the hill above the shafts.
 In searching for Joe's cabin I found several old refuse dumps but no remains of a cabin.
Found this piece of masonry a couple of hundred yards from the mine.
About a mile west of the mine we discovered the remains of another camp. Jan decided to name it Elmo Camp.
 After the large Mylar Elmo balloon found on the ground nearby.
 Elmo raised a thumb asking for a lift. We picked him up and gave him a ride to our house.
 Driving north on the Camp Rock Road.
 Jan spotted some coyote melon (Cucurbita palmata) alongside the road. She is laughing because I had just told her that the outside of the melon was covered with hallucinatory dust. I told her this immediately after she had touched one.
 Daggett ahead and Calico Peak in the distance. Jan and I hiked to its summit in 2003.


  1. I love the jungle drive and walk. i actually thought it was a drive in the jungle. But well i might say it was both the drive and the walk to the top and the bottom. looks like you had fun. And to think that people lived in those shafts. I love. Good work.

  2. I liked how Jan reacted after she heard me say that the outside of the melon was covered with hallucinatory dust.