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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Casa Diablo - "ended in the midst of a large boulder field"

 The plan was to head to Mahogany Flat in DVNP and meet some friends who were hiking Telescope Peak. A few days before our departure I checked on road conditions and discovered that the road to Mahogany was closed. Our hastily conceived alternate plan was to head north to the Bishop area and explore the mountains north of the volcanic tablelands.
 It had been many years since I first drove the Casa Diablo Road. We explored a few vaguely remembered side roads and continued north to the road's namesake.
 When we arrived at Casa Diablo Mountain Jan spotted an arch on a northern ridge.
Our next stop was the Casa Diablo Mine. Suffering from a brain cramp I did not take any photos. "Workings include underground openings comprised of a number of tunnels at different elevations. The main tunnel was driven as a crosscut S30E for 1,000 feet, intersecting the veins. The May Brooks vein was cut 300 feet from the portal. Drifts run 300 feet SW and 75 feet NE. 250 feet of its length was stoped to surface in the SW drift. The Don of Hope vein was encountered 390 feet from the portal and was drifted 300 feet NE, and was stoped for 100 feet. A winze was sunk 250 feet deep on the Don of Hope vein." -
 Driving a short section of 4x4 road on the eastern edge of the mountain.
We set up camp south of Casa Diablo Mountain.
Overlooking the Chalfant Valley with the White Mountains highlighted by the last rays of the setting sun.
Early the next morning our game camera photographed a fox passing through camp. We did not hear what the fox said. ;)
That photo explained the track that I found under the truck.
 Evidence that sometime in the past
 other people had used our campsite.
Interesting inversion layers between our camp and White Mountain Peak.
 We lingered in camp until mid-morning.
 North of Casa Diablo Mountain with the White Mountains in the distance.
 Off a short spur road we found the remains of an old cabin.
Probably the man who built the cabin. A Google search did not uncover any information about Mr. Falconer.
  Near the cabin Jan found a couple of sets of bear tracks.
 Moments later I found an unusual print near the bear tracks.
No mystery to the source of the second track. It was Jan's boot. She had foot surgery last month.
 Descending into Chidago Canyon. Glass Mountain in the distance.
 Driving south in Chidago Canyon. The road ended in the midst of a large boulder field about 1/4 mile past this location.
 Entering the Chance Mine claim.
 Why or how did the rock end up on top of the sheet of steel?
 Main portal of the Chance Mine.
 Departing the Chance Mine.
Very cool rock near the road. Jan and I both thought it would look great in our backyard but it remains where we found it.
Driving the Chidago Cutoff Road.
 Sierra Vista Mine.
 The miners created a unique design on the foundations by using corrugated steel for the frames when pouring the concrete.
 Upper section of Red Rock Canyon.
 We drove a short spur road up out of Red Rock Canyon to eat lunch. At our lunch spot Jan's cell phone started to receive messages because it now had service. We discovered that our friends Clark and Jo Ann were hiking and camping west of us in the Sierra. They told us that the next day they were hiking to the Black Eagle Camp in Jeffery Canyon. Looking across the Chalfant Valley with my binoculars I could see Jeffery Canyon and the road to the upper trail head. I looked at Jan and said, "It is only 3 PM, we could be at the trail head by 5 PM, set up the camper for you and I could start hiking by 6 PM." Jan asked, "What are you up to?" I replied, "I'll spend the night at one of the cabins and surprise Clark and Jo Ann when they arrive in the morning." She said, "Won't they see me and the camper at the trail head?" I chuckled and said, "They will be using the lower trail head." Jan asked, "Why?" I replied, "You will understand after we drive the road to the campsite."
 We drove quickly through the lower section of Red Rock Canyon. I plan to return and photograph the arches in the canyon. There seemed to be an arch everywhere we looked.

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  1. I think I've never been to the lower section of Red Rock Canyon. I hope to visit there one day.