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Friday, November 29, 2013

Near the Knob - "echoed across the badlands"

 I drove east on I-15 past Yermo and turned south crossing the Union Pacific RR near Manix Wash.
 The road was covered with flow patterns and damp sand, a sure sign that it had rained recently.
 Standing water, an uncommon sight in the desert. This pool was on the road about a 1/4 mile from my destination.
 Early the next morning the rumbling of a distant train echoed across the badlands.
 Soon the sun was above the horizon and warming the camper.
 While drinking my morning tea I admired the symmetry of a nearby ant hill.
 After receiving a call on 2 meters I broke camp and drove south to rendezvous with a friend near The Knob.
 Cave Mountain far in the distance.
 Soon a black Rubicon appeared in the distance.
 We hiked out to a small promontory labeled The Knob on USGS topographical maps.
 A few yards south of the promontory's high point we found this old campsite.
 Returning to our vehicles we traveled along the Mojave River and headed northwest.
We crossed the tracks of the Union Pacific RR as we drove north toward our next destination.

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