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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Overnight at Horseshoe, INF - "pouring over the Sierra Crest"

 We needed to make a quick trip to Lone Pine.
 And wanted to escape the heat so we decided to visit Horseshoe Meadow with its cool temperatures at almost 10,000 feet.  Smoke from the Rough Fire pouring over the Sierra Crest into the Owens Valley.
 After playing hide and seek with Bosco we set up a minimal camp. The cold air was very refreshing.
 The moon rose a couple of hours after sunset.
 And set just before sunrise.
 Dawn at Horseshoe.
 We wandered over to the meadow where the humans read and the canine romped. Bosco stopped for a moment to sit with us and gaze at Cirque Peak.
 Still a little water flowing in the stream.
 Soon it was time to return to the heat. When we drove into Lone Pine the temperature was 101ยบ.

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