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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tuber Canyon DVNP - "Bosco heard burros approaching"

 We made a right turn off of Wildrose Road and drove across Wildrose Wash toward Tuber Canyon.
 After a few miles we reached the mouth of Tuber Canyon.
 Another couple of miles found us reaching a large bench of gravel and a closed road to our right that was once a route to Jail Canyon.
I parked our truck on the bench, left Bosco with Jan and jumped in Jo Ann's Rubicon. We drove another couple miles leaving the main canyon below and climbing up a smaller canyon to reach, according to, the OB Joyful Mine.
After parking her Jeep Jo Ann was ready to explore the mine.
(photo credit: Jo Ann Ward)
She photographed me entering the mine.
Ore chute from an upper level.
Written with carbide lamps, perhaps.
Ladder to a stope above the adit we were in.
After 45 minutes we returned to daylight.
We began the drive back down the canyon.
Passed several collapsed cabins and an iron stove.
Time to return to our truck and find a place to camp.
We set up camp at the mouth of the canyon on the foundations of an old mining camp.
Found on the foundation at our campsite.
We prepared dinner and watched the sun set.
Later in the evening while we were watching the moon move toward the horizon Bosco heard burros approaching long before we did and gave them an aggressive greeting.
I set up the game camera thinking that this would be the night to photograph a passing burro but our only nocturnal visitor was a fox.
Early dawn on the Argus Range.
30 minutes later.
Far to the northwest we could see Mount Whitney behind the snow covered slopes of Lone Pine Peak.
After breakfast we drove back out to Wildrose Road.
And found road crews working to repair the road on a SATURDAY!

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