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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Carrizo Plain - "California’s Serengeti"

 After buying fuel in Maricopa we drove west on CA 166 and as the sun was nearing the horizon turned north on Soda Lake Road. The San Andreas Fault is located to the right of the sag pond in the photo.
 Some call this vast plain California’s Serengeti. Carrizo can be hot and miserable in the summer but during the spring it is vibrant and full of life.
 In another thousand years tourists might be visiting the Carrizo Canyon.
 Jan sighted a large patch of purple in the blanket of green and we drove East to find it.
 We set up camp near the patch of purple.
 Dawn breaking on the Caliente Range.
 Before Jan served breakfast I walked out to the purple.
Looking back at our camp.
 After about ten minutes we were at the edge of the purple.
 Bosco relaxing on the Carrizo Plain.
 Our camp in the distance in front of the Elkhorn Scarp.
 Looking West across the plain toward Caliente Mountain.
 On our drive back to Soda Lake Road we stopped beside a field of yellow.
Jan and Bosco.
The southern smaller Soda Lake still held water.
 We left the truck behind and walked into the yellow.
 Bosco posing again.
 7 Mile Road at CA 58.
  CA 58 via San Diego Creek Canyon on our route to Taft.
We stopped for lunch in Taft, walked Main Street and toured the West Kern Oil Museum.
 After the museum we visited the site of the Lakeview Number One Gusher.
In 1910, this gusher released more than 9 million barrels of oil in 554 days.

Then it was time to find CA 166 and head for home.

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