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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Across Deadman Flat - Inyo National Forest - "a scary way to go to work"

We turned left off of Death Valley Road and drove north up a wash toward Deadman Flat.
Sometimes the road was more wash than road.
Sierra Nevada to the West.
Panorama of the flats.
Soon our route climbed off the flats and up to a ridge.
I decided to walk the road out to the Riche Mine.
Not much of a camp and did not find the remains of any cabins.
Evidence of habitation was found at several locations.
This shaft was located about 100 yards North of the camp.
A scary way to go to work.
I followed an old trail west off the ridge and discovered this adit and several prospects.
On the walk back to the truck I stopped to admire the view of the Sierra Nevada from the Riche Mine camp.
We set up camp on a ridge about a mile South of the mine. Jan prepared tacos for dinner.
The next morning we drove South back to Death Valley Road.
Then we headed West toward the Owens Valley and then on to Lone Pine for lunch.


  1. was up Deadman's Flat march 3rd. stayed one night on a south shelf overlook of little cowhorn, good morning sunshine.

  2. It was mainly overcast for us. Thanks for stopping by topoDcat. Cheers.

  3. oh..seems closed, revisiting your blog. cheers