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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Desert Trek, El Paso Mountains - "the other side of the mountain"

After the group rallied in Mojave we drove North on CA 14 to Jawbone Canyon and visited the Los Angeles Aqueduct.
The Jawbone Siphon. "Don't call it a 'siphon,'" says LADWP's Barker, "It's a 'sag pipe.'" However, the "siphon" terminology was a popular, if not accurate, description of the pressurized structure, in the era the Aqueduct was built. Without the use of mechanical pumps, gravity works the water down and back up again through water pressure and the width and thickness of the piping. This example is the best-known example of sag piping in the Aqueduct. - KCET
Ryan noted that the sign was difficult to read from 100 feet.
Our next stop were the homes of Burro Schmidt and Toni Seger in the El Paso Mountains.
Then we strolled up to road to Burro Schmidt's tunnel.
Jan and I waited outside the tunnel as everyone walked through to the other side of the mountain and then back.
(photo credit: Jean Conway)
A long shadow inside of the tunnel.
Our caravan motored to visit another mining camp and then onto an old pumicite mine.
Ryan cast a powerful beam into the lower level.
Jean in silhouette.
The last stop was at a pile of rocks that seems to get larger every year.
Just before sunset most of the group was back on pavement headed for home.
The rest of us set up camp, prepared dinner and sat in the lee of our camper sheltering from the strong gusting wind. Later in the evening the wind calmed and allowed Ryan and Brian to start a fire.
Ryan and I were awake before the other campers and went on a short hike before sunrise.
After breakfast the Explorers broke camp and started the drive home.

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  1. Looks like a fun trip. I still haven't been to this place. We just did the Goler trip again a couple weeks ago, we saw huge herd big horn sheep this time. We're doing a scenic trip to Calico this weekend.