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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Montenegro Spring to Silver Peak, White Mountains - "deep inside a thicket of brush"

It was close to midnight when we drove past the old entrance station and turned left onto a dirt road.
After driving a few miles into the forest we set up camp under moon lit clouds.
A few yards from the truck were the remains of an old campsite and a long length of partially buried drilling pipe.What is the story behind that? We will never know.
Looking around the area I discovered a road that had been blocked by felled trees.
Interesting concept of environmentalism. Cut down living trees to limit vehicular access.
The closed road continued over the hilltop.
We drove on an open road toward Montenegro Spring.
Near the spring we found car body parts.
But no engine, axles or chassis. Those parts were probably re-purposed.
On the hillside a patch of green looked like it could be a spring.
Bosco found a shallow flow of water.
We found another spring deep inside a thicket of brush and on the way back to the truck walked past an arrastra. The drag stone was resting beside the center post anchor.
Then it was time to drive on.
Glad to see that someone had cleared the road. After a few more miles we reached the pavement of White Mountain Road and drove north.
We set up camp near the summit of Silver Peak about a 1/4 mile from the towers.
Smoke from a distant wildfire created a golden sunset.
 Far in the distance the last rays of daylight revealed Mono Lake.
 After dinner, I read and Bosco gazed at the lights of Bishop in valley below.
 Sunrise over the Owens Valley.
The route to our next destination.


  1. I was up silver canyon last tuesday and on over to mccloud, very nice...

  2. Last time we were at McCloud was in 2008. On our next post we head down Crooked Creek and over to Deadhorse. Love the remote areas of the Whites. Thanks for posting topoDcat.

  3. looking forward to the next post. I read your above reply, so included an overnight out and back down to the very bottom of Deadhorse and stayed at the steel hitching rail. really huge vista on that route!