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Friday, December 30, 2016

Southern Turtle Mountains - "a magical 1200 seconds"

Eight miles West of Vidal Junction we turned right and drove North ...
and crossed the Colorado River Aqueduct.
The road showed no traffic since the rain from the previous week.
 But about four miles later we passed a pop-up camper near the turn-off for Horn Spring. There we met the owner, a man named Loren, who had been camping at the location for the past week.
We set up camp about two miles from the other camper at the edge of the wilderness with Castle Rock to the North.
The three of us sat in the darkness watching for meteors. Although I don't believe that Bosco had any astronomical interest but he does notice the lights of low flying aircraft in the sky above our backyard.
Sunrise to the South.
Bosco and I were watching the sunrise when the thought crossed my mind of looking in the opposite direction.
Panorama to the North. After brunch Bosco and I hiked away from camp toward something discovered on GoogleEarth.
Along the way we found a very old tortoise shell ...
and several roads.
On the return storm clouds were forming.
About 30 minutes after reaching camp rain began to fall.
The rain pounded our camper but Jan had Bosco's full attention while she ate a snack.
This rainbow lasted about 20 minutes, which was a magical 1200 seconds.
We began our drive for home headed toward a magnificent sunset.

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