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Monday, June 21, 2010

Return to the Arizona Strip Pt 2 - One Rubicon and a Tacoma w/FWC

One vehicle departs

and then there were two.

Corrals and trailer in Hidden Canyon.

If you are ever driving along the Hidden Valley Road and find a 2 meter antenna, it fell off this Rubicon. We searched for it but came up empty.

Near Hobbie Canyon

Hobbie Canyon flowers

Once again neglected to take a photo of our camp.

In Limekiln Canyon

Near Limekiln Pass.
We encountered the first people in four days of travel in this pass.

Water tough in north Limekiln Canyon

Leaving Linekiln Canyon

Just five more miles to Mesquite.

Two miles from Mesquite.
If you need a flat fixed in Mesquite on a Sunday head for Walmart.
Every other place is closed.

After seeing me and my Tacoma safely to Walmart the other Rubicon heads for home.

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