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Monday, June 6, 2011

Along the Sespe

We drove north from Ojai to Rose Valley.
Our first hike was to the Piedra Blanca.  In the parking lot Ben and I discussed the "Ten Essentials."
 Ben at the crossing the first branch of Sespe Creek.
Crossing the second branch.
The sign points the way.
Entering the formation.
 We wandered around Piedra Blanca for about 90 minutes
encountering odd looking formations
and human artifacts.
 Elephant Rock.
As we were hiking back down to the Sespe a C-130 flew through the valley.
 Looking west as we cross the Sespe, return to the truck and head for camp.
 Dusk at Middle Lion Camp.
It's either steam or odor rising from Ben's socks in the morning sun.
 Dawn at Middle Lion Camp.
 On day two Ben tries a different approach to crossing Sespe Creek.
 Hiking east.
 We were eastbound he was westbound.
We hiked 4.5 miles to reach this location where a heartbreaking tragedy occurred in 1969.
 We encountered several pack trains on the trail.
 Some flowers were
 still in bloom.
 One more creek crossing and we are back at the truck.
 Waiting to take us home.

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