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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Near Montgomery Pass - "doesn't seemed to get much traffic"

 Western boundary of China Lake NAWS.
 Dawn at Cactus Flat Camp.
 Looking west.
Old Montgomery Pass Motel
 Driving to Mustang Point, Sugarloaf in background.
 Mustang Point camp, with Boundary Peak to the southwest.
 Snow gauge near Sagebrush Flat.
 Sugarloaf Canyon doesn't seemed to get much traffic.
 Close call in Sugarloaf Canyon. I agree with Jan, when after seeing this photograph, she said, "it doesn't really show how close it was."
 After making our way back to US 6 we decided to try our luck on the north side of Montgomery Pass. Jan has just finished clearing a tree from the trail and strikes a rugged pose.
 We found this Oldsmobile trunk lid alongside the road and wondered how it got to such a remote location.
 One mile later the mystery was solved.
Tree number two.
 Jan cleared it.
 Number three.
 The tree succumbs to Jan's mighty saw.
 Five trees were cleared from the road to Sagehen Spring.
 Cloud bank behind Boundary and Montgomery Peaks.
 Sagehen Spring.
 Range camp near Sagehen Spring.
 Truman Meadow Camp.
 Leaving Truman Meadow, Montgomery Peak in distance.
 The road down Truman Canyon out to US 6 is a rocky, bone jarring track that we never need to drive again.
The Truman Canyon road is rocky until the very end but the views are outstanding.

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