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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The trip continued but no more camping with the FWC.

We camped in Nebraska for one night and then stayed at several motels, the last near the airport in Omaha. Jan had to return home so she boarded a plane at Eppley Airfield
for LA. For the remaining two weeks of my journey I stayed with friends or relatives.

Drove through a wonderful thunderstorm in Iowa.

I once lived in Chicago and driving the city through reminded me why I left.

Spent about 50 minutes in Indiana on my way to MI.

Near the Michigan/Ohio border I drove into a tremendous thunderstorm with hail, wind and driving rain.

The Buckeye State.
The nut of a Buckeye tree.

Warning: The nuts are slightly poisonous and shouldn't be eaten unless they are heated and leached.

My brother Dave has a two-post lift in his garage. I decided to use it and track down the leak on the suspension air bag system. The good news was that we found it. The bad news, the leak was in an air bag.

Upon leaving Ohio I drove straight back to California. The journey took 51 hours. I stopped three times to take naps at rest areas in Missouri, Kansas and Utah. Having the Four Wheel Camper was a great benefit because I could just park, open the camper door, slide onto the couch and sleep.

Originally was headed west on I-80 to meet a friend in Utah but plans changed and I decided to drop down on I-69 to I-70.

When 18, I drove west from Ohio to the Mississippi River. At the time it seemed like quite an adventure.
My first nap in the FWC was in Missouri.

Second nap in Kansas. Takes a long time to drive across this state.

Colorado, halfway home. When the Rocky Mountains appeared on the horizon I felt that I was back in the West.

Bought a melon in Green River. Gotta be the best melons in the world. Driving across the San Rafael Swell was gorgeous at sunset. When I reach I-15 in Utah it seems all down hill.

Always enjoy driving through the Virgin River Gorge on I-15.

After fueling up in Mesquite the next stop was Baker.

7,918 miles total miles.

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