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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Talc City and China Garden Springs - "Looked like a ziggurat"

 Driving east on California 190, just about to turn right onto the Darwin Road when I decided to turn left and spend a little time exploring the eastern half of Talc City.
 Part of the Silver Dollar workings.
 Remains of a small cabin near the Silver Dollar Mine.
 Nearby was a clever bit of salvage art in the form of a, robot lizard?
 Maybe the creature escaped from a 1950's sci-fi movie.
 Remains of another cabin at the Silver Dollar Mine.
 I drove around the area looking to find a building that was still intact.
 Many roads to many mines but no standing structures were found in this part of Talc City. Looks like there are only three remaining structures in the entire mining district.
 After leaving Talc City I drove into Darwin, east over the Darwin Hills and then down into Darwin Wash.
 It had been more than 25 years since my last visit to Darwin Wash. My first stop was at Millers Spring. I seem to remember an old station wagon sitting beside the cabin on my last visit.
A quick look inside the pump house.
On my last trip, I remember, one of my friends commenting that the ruins of this mill looked like a ziggurat and they still do.
I continued down sandy Darwin Wash as the sun began to set.
Signs of water ahead.
The oasis of China Garden Springs.
Another view of the spring pond.
The only structure still standing at China Garden Springs.
I set up camp far away from the water because burros get really annoyed when you intrude into their space.
Stars over my camp in Darwin Wash.
The Milky Way over the Darwin Hills.
Dawn breaks on the hills behind China Garden.
Since dawn was going to take a little longer to reach my camp I decided to eat a leisurely breakfast and read a bit before breaking camp.
Leaving Darwin Wash on the way up and over to Darwin Falls and rejoining CA 190.
Looking back down into Darwin Wash.
Panorama from the highpoint on the new Darwin/Panamint Springs road.
Remains of the old road.
Descending back into Darwin Wash and soon to pass the trailhead for Darwin Falls. Visited that beautiful grotto 28 years ago.
Eventually I arrived at the pavement of CA 190, turned left and began the drive home.


  1. No comments? Awesome documentation of a very cool place, well done!

  2. No comments? Awesome documentation of a very cool place, well done!