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Monday, November 7, 2011

Saddleback Butte SP

We set up camp and started the hikers on their journey.
The objective, it is two miles and 1000 feet of gain to the summit.
 A zoom reveals that the first hikers have reached the summit. A cell phone call a few minutes later confirmed that everyone made it to the top.
 Sunset spreads a golden glow over our camp as we await the return of the hikers.
Jan and Michelle pose with the peakbaggers who are basking in the glow of both success and sunset. After the photo was taken it was time to cook dinner and relax around around a campfire.
The next morning dawn breaks through the clouds southeast of the butte.
Clouds heavy with moisture loom over our camp.
It rained several times during the night and some campers reported that it snowed after midnight. We were snug in our camper and did not see the snow but our recording thermometer showed that the temperature at midnight was 30ยบ.
 Leaving the park and heading for home.
A look back at Saddleback Butte from Avenue R.
 On our way home we stopped for breakfast at Crazy Otto's. If you like eating breakfast this restaurant is a must.

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