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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Charles "Chuck" Sedgwick - "the East Side lost a good man"

2012 brought news of the death of Charles "Chuck" Sedgwick. 
Chuck and his wife Judy roamed the Sierra for almost 40 years. I first met this intrepid couple at the Horseshoe Meadows trail head in 2002 after a backpacking trip. My hiking partner and I were asking people for a ride back to our vehicle at Whitney Portal. Everyone said, "No" until I asked an elderly couple sitting in camp chairs next to an old well traveled blue Chevy van. They said, "Yes."
That day we drove into Lone Pine for lunch and began a decade long friendship. At lunch we learned about their numerous treks into the Sierra Nevada backcountry and adventures in Nevada and Utah.
Chuck and Judy embarking on another adventure with good friends Jo Ann and Clark.
Godspeed Chuck.

From the Inyo County Register
Charles Alfred ‘Chuck’ Sedgwick

The East Side lost a good man. Charles Alfred “Chuck” Sedgwick died suddenly on Jan. 5, 2012. Chuck and Judy, his wife of 56 years, have been hiking in the Sierras and living along the Eastern Sierra for the last 40 years.
You might remember Chuck more from the iconic powder blue 1978 Chevy van parked at the trailhead at Horseshoe Meadows or, more recently, at the corrals by the Shepard Pass trailhead. When not in the mountains, the blue van could be found in the parking lots of favored East Side motels.
Many stranded hikers were given rides in the back of the blue van. Many inquisitive hikers gained information from Chuck’s vast storehouse of knowledge of the Sierras.
Chuck continued backpacking as long as he could. Over the years Chuck made it to the top of many Sierra peaks. In the last season of his life, more time was spent gazing up at a much desired peak, Mount Williamson. Mount Williamson eluded him despite several attempts. Last winter’s heavy snowpack kept him from one last try.
Chuck will always be remembered for his gentle demeanor, generous heart and love of the mountains and deserts.

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