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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Old Woman Mountains

 The Essex Post Office. Our journey into the Old Woman Mountains begins here after we leave the pavement and start to drive south on the Sunflower Spring road.
RR south of Essex.
 RR crossing. photo: Ji Kim
Ship Mountains to the west. Visited that area in 2007 on the way to explore the west side of the Old Woman Range.
 We drove south on the Sunflower Spring road and then west toward Mercury Mountain.
A locked wilderness gate blocks our drive into Sweetwater Wash. Interestingly, there were numerous locks on the gate and fresh tire tracks on the other side.
 Ji photographs the remains of the Golden Fleece Mine.
 Closer look into the shaft.
 Weaver's Well
 Crossing Carson Wash.
We join the EMHT with Pilot Peak in the distance.
 Our first sighting of the Old Woman Statue.
 Little Piute Mountains.
 Dusk at our first camp.
 Dawn near the Copper King Mine.
 Ji has been skillfully driving her two wheel drive Lexus SUV through many challenging obstacles but the washes are getting larger and rockier.
 The namesake of the range.
 Pilot Peak to the east.
 The 2WD Lexus finally required assistance climbing out of Colton Wash.  Ji secures the tow strap to her vehicle.
 Gives her work a test.
 The other end is attached to the Rubicon.
 The drivers coordinate their throttles and climb out of the wash.
 Near Sunflower Springs.
From the Gardener's Encyclopedia: California Blue Bells (Phacelia campanularia) grow best in full sun in dryish, sandy soil. Then one should not be surprised to see it growing in Sunflower Wash.
 Why the symbols on the rock?
Ironic that this abandoned automobile was probably driven on the road now blocked by a wilderness boundary gate.

 We hiked up onto the high ridges of the Old Woman Mountains until the sun began to set. photo: Ji Kim
 Looking east toward our camp with Ward Valley in the distance. photo: Ji Kim
 Sunset second night. photo: Ji Kim
 Dawn at Old Woman Mountain Camp Two.
Looking for a cave. photo: Ji Kim
 Petroglyphs in the cave. photo: Ji Kim
The cave is located high on the right but there is an easier way to enter.
 Looking out of the cave. photo: Ji Kim
 A C-130 over our location.
 Looking back at our vehicles from the painted cave.
Ji waves goodbye as she begins her 35 mile drive on a dirt road freeway across Ward Valley to Interstate 40 at Camino.


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip

    1. You are welcome b, This was my third trip to the Old Woman Mountains and each was special.

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