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Friday, June 22, 2012

Buttermilk Road to Mosquito Flat - "a couple of curious deer"

 We decided to camp in Buttermilk Country northwest of Bishop.
The usual sites near the graded road were taken so we drove on.
Crossing McGee Creek.
 The Buttermilk Road continues west toward Mount Tom then loops south to Grouse Mountain, Bishop Creek and CA 168.
 Clouddripper to the south highlighted by the morning sun.
 Our camp near Grouse Mountain with Mount Humphreys in the distance.
 The second half of the Buttermilk Road is just double track not the wide graded road of the first section.
 A couple of curious deer watch as we drive by,
 After breaking camp we continue driving the loop.
 Intake on Birch Creek for one of the Bishop Creek Hydrolectric System penstocks.
 Nearing the end of our travels on the Buttermilk Road.
Below us we saw a penstock for the Bishop Creek Hydrolectric System.
 A closer look.
 After lunch in Bishop we drove north on US 395 to Tom's Place and then west up Rock Creek Road.
We hiked into Little Lakes Valley from Mosquito Flat (10,300 ft.), the highest designated trailhead in the Sierra, accessible by car.
 Marsh Lake with Bear Creek Spire in the background.
 Feet cooling in the waters of Marsh Lake.
 Rock Creek flowing toward Mack Lake.
 Jan spotted a yellow-bellied marmot on a rock as we were leaving Rock Creek Lake.


  1. From the photos this looks like a pretty easy road, though I have heard elsewhere that it's very rough. I would like to know more about this road but can't find any resources. I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer with Destination AT tires. Would this road be a problem for my vehicle? Are there any gnarly obstacles or sketchy parts to the road that I should know about?

  2. There were a few rocky sections after the road became double track but nothing other than that which could be described as 'very rough,' bumpy would be more like it. The road didn't seem like it would pose any problem for a 4x4 Blazer. One caveat though, the East Side has experienced some unusual rainfall this summer and that could have dramatically changed the road.