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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Between Two Canyons

 Several months ago a friend told me a road that was closed years ago was now open. Around 8 PM on Saturday I got the urge to go for a drive away from the city and camp. Never thought that I would see this gate standing open again.
 The road was not as rough as described, no 4x4 required, but it would be a mess when it was wet.
 The rock outcrops I remembered still loomed over the road.
 Driving past a section of road damage.
 A clearing on a narrow ridgeline made for a good camp. Time to break out the iPad, fire up the astronomy app and look at the sky.
The road north.
 Dawn breaks over Charlie Canyon.
Climbed to the top of the formation on the left 14 years ago.
Closer look at The Pile.
 The route south is the way home.
 The last remaining shadow before the sun begins to heat up the air.
Pavement is just a bridge away.

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