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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saddleback Butte HIke/Camp - "looked like the odds were against us"

 34 families were scheduled to join me on a hiking/camping trip to the Mojave Desert.
 Rain began falling early Saturday morning. At 9 AM I sent messages to all the participants saying, "Still going even if raining at our rally spot. Good chance it will not be raining at our destination."
Twelve intrepid families joined me at the rally spot but it looked like the odds were against us as we began our journey.
After 30 minutes of driving, the rain stopped and by the time our destination was in sight everyone was happy to know that they would be hiking dry. Except Clark, myself and a couple of others who enjoy being in weather.
We arrived at Saddleback Butte SP paid for the campsites and gathered our gear for the hike. By the time we ready to start three more adventurous families joined us making the total 15.
Photo Credit: Tori Crews
 The skies were clearing, the trail was marked and the summit was in view. Two horizontal miles and 1000 vertical feet away.
About 70 minutes later Explorers began to arrive at the top of Saddleback Butte. 27 hikers eventually gained the summit at the conclusion of a gorgeous afternoon.
 After a brief rest it was time to head back to camp. The sky to the west over Palmdale/Lancaster still had some clouds but it looked like our camp would have clear skies for the night.

 The moon slowly sank through the clouds and then below the horizon as campers built fires and prepared dinner.
 Morning at Saddleback Butte State Park. Tony and his daughter, Sierra, were gracious enough to allow me to share their campsite.
Dawn at one of the many Explorers' camp sites. Around 8:30 I lowered the popup on the camper, bade farewell to the remaining campers and began the drive home.

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  1. The rain could have spoiled your adventure! It's good the weather cleared up. I love that Double cabin! It looks amazing. It looks like it has a great story to tell. Nice post and i love your photographer.
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