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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Anza Borrego - 1st Shift w/Ron - "creature that was threatening Jan"

We met Ron at the Anza Borrego Visitor Center and then drove to the Galleta Meadows Sculptures.
A close up of the creature that was threatening Jan.
 Photo Credit: Ron Pinkerton
After visiting many of the amazing sculptures we drove on to Fonts Points.
 The air was very hazy preventing a good photograph of the vast badlands of Anza Borrego. After a short hike over to Inspiration Point we drove on to Short Wash.
On our way to Vista del Malpais via Short Wash.
Sunset at Vista del Malpais.
Driving down Fault Wash searching for a place to camp.
Sunset at our Fault Wash camp.
Photo Credit: Ron Pinkerton
Ron braved the chilly nighttime temperatures to create a stunning view of our truck and camper.
Photo Credit: Ron Pinkerton
And another of his vehicle. Ron's license plate reveals the purpose of his truck.
13 hours later the sun rose and warmth returned to the desert.
 Panoramic view of Fault Wash.
Driving the Cut Across Trail.
Exiting the narrowest portion of Basin Wash.
Approaching the Pumpkin Patch. A crazy number of off-road vehicles were coming and going from the parking area.
Close up of the pumpkin-like globular sandstone concretions.
After our visit to the Patch we turned west, drove up Tule Wash and visited Five Palms.
Then it was on to Seventeen Palms.
After sighting Una Palma high above the road we all decided that there wasn't a great need for us to visit yet another palm tree.
We returned to the Cut Across Trail and drove southwest to Borrego Mountain Wash.
Ron approaches one of the minor obstacles on the drive to our next camp.
While relaxing in the darkness after dinner a fox circled our camp. The two glowing spots near our spare gas revealed the presence of our nocturnal visitor.
Photo Credit: Ron Pinkerton
Once again Ron painted with light and a long exposure to make an old FWC and an even older Tacoma look spectacular.
The next morning Ron and I hiked to a location above the Wind Caves to watch the sun break over the badlands.
Fonts Point highlighted by the morning sun.
Discovered this arch near the top of the Wind Caves.
Panoramic photo of our camp in Borrego Mountain Wash.
After breakfast we walked up the wash to visit "The Slot."
Photo Credit: Ron Pinkerton
While standing in the slot it dawned on me that I had forgotten to bring the iPad.
Photo Credit: Ron Pinkerton
That meant that there would be no panorama photos inside The Slot. Fortunately, Ron was able to record how awesome this canyon was to explore.
Working our way out of Borrego Mountain Wash.
This section of the canyon reminded me of Moab.
It was time for Ron to return home and for us to meet the "second shift" of Anza Explorers at Split Mountain Road. We used the expression of "shifts" because when Jo Ann and Clark rendezvoused with us Ron greeted them by saying, "the second shift has arrived."

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  1. I was watching California Gold...Huell Howser visted "Anza Borrego Park"...I wanted more info..went online. Gr8t pics. Love your page...full of info..thx U.