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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wandering south to California Pt 2

Stayed at a motel in Bend, Oregon.

Mount Jefferson and a Four Wheel Camper.

The Tolle Farm and Camp 7.

Jan "enjoying" life on the farm.
She did however enjoy the bacon at breakfast, courtesy of last years pigs.

Michael returns from the upper pasture where two weeks earlier he shot a seven foot long, 125 pound mountain lion that had been killing their family's sheep.

Game warden and county biologist examining Micheal's cougar.
(photo from cell phone)

Camp 8 - 43°18'16.31"N, 121°46'27.53"W
About an hour north of Crater Lake.

Driving through the forest back to the highway.

Crater Lake and a Four Wheel Camper.
The Mystery of the Missing Photographer.
For those with a more morbid sense of curiosity.

Jan had never visited the lake before ...

so we stopped by to gaze at the remarkable blue waters in Mount Mazama's caldera. Crater Lake Lodge Cam

On last photo of the lake before we depart.
Wizard Island top right.

Spotted this eagles nest on our way to Klamath Falls.

We crossed into California but were still more than 650 miles away from home.

Seems like a good photo with which to bring our journey full circle.
Mount Shasta to the south of us.

Spent five hours sleeping at a rest area along Interstate 5.
Another first in our Four Wheel Camper.


  1. Oh My God i hate pigs. But i love bacon. Wish bacon does not have to come from pigs.(huh) And i love that farm. Life at the farm looks so easy and cool though a bit lonely. And i love the site of the Lake. i am sure Jan was mesmerized by its site. The picture tells it all.

  2. The photos of Crater Lake don't capture the intense blue of the water. My friends are living a good life on their farm. Thanks for posting.