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Monday, January 6, 2014

Anza Borrego - Just Us - Part 3 - "we would need to use our rear locker"

 Our camp in Little Blair Valley was at an intersection near the dry lake bed.
 In the distance we saw a coyote that was very interested in something.
 At one of the campsites Jan found evidence that someone loved rock and roll.
 We drove on to the Pictograph Trailhead where I grabbed some water and my camera and walked the 1/2 mile trail to a small valley where I found a large isolated boulder on the right. On the north face of the boulder there were red pictographs painted on the rock.
 Close up.
 There was a mortero next to the boulder.
 View of Little Blair Valley from the Pictograph Trail.
 We drove on to the Morteros Trail and hiked the short distance to the old Kumeyaay village area. The first mortero we found was very deep.
We imagined Kumeyaay women sitting around this rock pounding seeds with rock pestles.
Suddenly an orange and blue apparition appeared with a pestle in its hand. After that frightening experience we hurriedly departed Blair Valley and drove on to Yaqui Well
After eating lunch and talking for a while with a park ranger we drove on looking for Yaqui Well.
Jan called for me to stop because she saw Yaqui Well to the right of the road. Walking through the brush we soon realized that we had found the old toilets for the Yaqui Well primitive camping area.
There was still toilet paper beside the commode. So if you are using the new toilets up the road but find no TP head west to this location.
This sign was as close as we came to seeing Yaqui Well.
 We returned to the truck and continued up the wash to Grapevine Canyon.
Some of the ocotillos along the wash had green leaves. Looks like they had some water.
The beginning of our drive up Grapevine Canyon.
Angelina Springs.
After passing Stuart Spring we turned right at this intersection and drove up Jasper Canyon. The sign read "4 wheel drive recommended" but in a few miles we would need to use our rear locker to climb a long section of road. So for us it was 4WD required.
High in the Grapevine Hills.
Another section of 4x4 road just ahead.
Nearing the summit.
 Evidence of the Wilson Fire from August, 2012.
After a few easy miles we reached pavement at the Montezuma Valley Road in Ranchita and turned left and began our drive for home. Jan with her catlike reflexes managed to snap this photo of our shadow just seconds before sunset.


  1. It was good to have met you & Jan in Blair Valley just after New Years.
    I see that your journeys have been epical.
    Peter & Denise (Marshall South Homestead)

    1. Peter and Denise, it was a pleasure visiting Yaquitepec with you both. Thanks for spotting the sundial and for posting.