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Monday, August 4, 2014

Grandview Camp, White Mountains - "A burst of sunbeams"

 Driving north on US 395.
 A burst of sunbeams near Big Pine.
 Sunbeams and California Highway 168, the route east into the White Mountains.
 Rain began around 6,000 feet.
 It was still raining at Cedar Flat, 7,000 feet, with Westgard Pass in the distance. The pass is named after Anton L. Westgard an early highway pioneer and Vice President and Director of Transcontinental Highways, National Highways Association. Read his description of highway conditions in 1915 here.
 Arriving at Grandview Campground I drove west through the popular facility headed for a site vaguely remembered from a trip decades ago.
 My memory had not failed me, there was a nice spot at the old Grandview Mine camp.
 After sunset the clouds cleared and the moon began to illuminate the camp.
 The morning light revealed why the miners named their claim "Grandview."
 Down below was the upper section of Black Canyon. Years ago a road left the paved White Mountain Road and dropped into Black Canyon. That road is now closed and the only access to the canyon is from the Marble/Black Road off of CA 168 down by the Owens River.
Close by camp was an old dugout shelter.
 A look inside the dugout.
After breakfast it was time to pack up and drive on.

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