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Monday, October 6, 2014

Centennial Flat, Part 2 - "She had found something special"

Dawn on Lower Centennial Flat.
To the north the rays of a new day were illuminating the summit of New York Butte.
 We hiked to New York Butte's summit in May of 2004. Jan wasn't feeling well and fell asleep sitting in the sun just below the summit as I read entries in the register.
Sunrise was moments away when I noticed Telescope Peak, to the SE, about 40 miles away.
With an entire day of sunshine ahead of us we returned to the Astro Artz cabin and hiked once again up the canyon looking for Rachel's objects. (Even though the location of these objects is known I am not using their actual name to prevent that word appearing in Google searches.)
The first that we found.
A few minutes later Rachel was shouting to us that she had found something special.
Recording the moment.
On the hike back down the canyon I spotted Pleasant Point peeking in from the north. Hiked to its summit on the same day as New York Butte. Jan stayed in the truck. I remember that the register had entries from 1974.
Dan and Rachel said goodbye and began their drive home.
I hiked up another canyon scouting for a future hike.
The trouble with scouting is deciding when to stop.
I returned to the truck and began my drive to pavement.
Rachel's old nemesis was lurking alongside the road.
I stopped and paid my respects to the McKellip's children at their graves alongside the highway. More about this grave site.
 Driving west on CA 190 I decided to take a side trip up a road that had always caught my attention.
At first it was a little sandy but soon the road became a rocky track climbing higher toward the canyons of the Coso Range.
After about three miles I reached the boundary of the Sierra Mine.
The road no longer reaches the mine because of this deep wash out. The channel was about 10 feet deep. It would be quite a surprise for someone driving the road at night.
The view north from the Sierra Mine. After this photograph I drove back to the highway.
While preparing to turn left onto the pavement I heard the roar of approaching jets. Missed the first one but managed to photograph the second as it streaked across the valley. Then it was time to head for home.

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  1. That panel of bighorn glyphs is AWESOME. I've been up there before but didn't see that one. Definitely going to seek it out next trip.