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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cuddeback Lake - The AU-berg meteorite expedition.

Driving north on US 395 about 15 miles north of Kramer Junction.
Fremont Peak to the east meant that we were close to our turn. 
We turned right onto Cuddeback Road and drove east.
The Johnson, Goldberg, Todd and Trowel vehicles on the road to the dry lake.
Cuddeback Lake and Pilot Knob in the distance.
The Goldbergs led us out on to the lake bed toward our campsite.
In the distance a fast moving vehicle created a streak of dust in front of Fremont Peak. I reached its summit in 1998.
Bob supervised daughter Rachel, and son Robert, as they set up camp.
Clark was the first to ride out onto the lake bed.
Soon Rebecca was leading her squadron of meteorite hunters out in pursuit of extraterrestrial objects. Before their departure she gave all the participants one of her very cool homemade meteorite sticks with magnets and wrist straps to aid in their search.
One on the many objects found on the playa was this survey marker.
It was a beautiful day to be out on Cuddeback Lake.
Later in the afternoon Rebecca led the squadron south.
We found this large piece of concrete and everyone was puzzled about why it was in the middle of the lake.
As the sun neared the horizon the cyclists turned west and pedaled back to camp.
Occasionally we would see vehicles in the distance driving toward the southern end of the lake bed. An hour after sunset we surmised, from the distant music to the south, their destination.
Later in the evening a tarantula was discovered walking across the playa.
The chairs around the campfire quickly emptied as everyone converged for a look at our eight legged visitor. Ethan had dug an excellent campfire pit and when we left the next morning there was just a small mound of dirt to mark the spot of our previous nights fire.
A couple of hours after moonrise everyone retired for the night.
Sunrise at our Cuddeback Lake camp.
Dawn breaking over Slocum Mountain and the Gravel Hills.
Seth and Bob enjoyed the desert sunrise and a hot cup of coffee.
As the sun heated the atmosphere the wind began to gust, signalling that it was time to leave.
The Goldbergs were the first to head for pavement and home.
Soon after their departure it was time for me to do the same.

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