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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Green Mountain Lake - "Curious geoglyph"

 After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with friends in the Antelope Valley I drove north to Mojave and then east to Barstow.
 After Barstow my route continued east toward Baker on I-15. About 20 miles from Baker I exited the interstate and headed for a favorite campsite less than 10 minutes from pavement.
 I set up camp on the dry lake bed in the still cold night and retired for the evening.
 Dawn on Green Mountain Lake.
 It was difficult to capture the beauty of a new morning at this camp but this panorama is an attempt.
 The sun climbed higher in the sky and it was time to break camp.
 A large "J" on the playa. I wondered if it has been photographed by GoogleEarth.
 Curious geoglyph at the south end of the lake.
Soon I was back at the interstate and headed for a rendezvous in Baker.


  1. I scanned Google Earth and did not see the J. I did find the mysterious geoglyphs. Thanks for sharing. Now I have another place on my list of places to go. Looks beautiful.

    1. I have always enjoyed camping on playas.
      Thanks for stopping by Derek.