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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Around Lake Mohave Part 2 - "Found a sleeping rock giant"

 Departed Laughlin and drove north on Christmas Tree Pass Road. Very little snow remained at this elevation from the storm three days earlier.
 Dan and Jeff met us at Grapevine Canyon.
 Then we went looking for petroglyphs at this popular site. Evidence from recent research projects indicates that the age of the etchings spans a time period from as recent as 150 – 200 years ago to more than 800 years ago. - NPS
 Rachel, as usual, found the first one.
And there were many to find.
Different design shapes over here by the Colorado River.
Farther up the canyon we found a sleeping rock giant with only his head above ground.
Rachel and Dan scrambled higher.
I remained below and used my telephoto lens.
We returned to our vehicles and drove toward the summit of Christmas Tree Pass.
 The higher we drove the more snow there was on the ground.
A snowman waved hello as we drove over the summit of Christmas Tree Pass.
Soon we turned onto a snowy shortcut across rolling hills to Roman Wash.
The only tire tracks in Roman Wash were ours.
Dan radioed to give us a warning about semi-trucks.
We turned south and drove toward Spirit Mountain looking for an old mining cabin.
Dan and Jeff found the cabin nestled in the shadows of a snow covered canyon.
A shower had been installed in the bathroom. Every time I visit an old cabin I yearn to see it in its prime. My mind sometimes endeavors to envision cabins at their best. But my vision is often clouded in sadness by what has become of what once was someone's home.
This spot just seemed like a good place for a photo.
Two jeeps, four explorers and Spirit Mountain. Called Avikwame by the Mohave people and Wikame by the Hualapai, Spirit Mountain is the spiritual birthplace of the tribes. Their creation story says...At one time all people belonged to one tribe, but they began to quarrel. The Creator, Mutavela, settled the dispute by dividing the great land into four sections, the North peoples, the South peoples, the East peoples and the West peoples. - NPS
Dan and Jeff drove down Roman Wash which in a few miles joined Empire Wash. They would continue east to the Mead-Davis Powerline Road, turn left and head for Nine Mile Cove.
We drove east to US 95 and circled around on pavement to rendezvous with Dan and Jeff at Nine Mile Cove.
Jaden was bundled up for the cold as he prepared his dinner at Nine Mile Cove.
Rachel was located dining inside a warm camper with Jan.
After dinner Rachel and her father were photographed ensconced in Dan's new Front Runner roof top tent.
Our camp in the moonlight.
The light of the new day found Rachel and Dan relaxing beside their jeep and new Front Runner tent.
Jaden was photographed by the lake where he tried to catch breakfast. He ate sausage instead.
After breakfast we prepared to tow Jeff's jeep. The problem with the jeep was too long to recount here but we needed to get his vehicle to pavement.
Dan towed Jeff ten miles along the undulating Mead-Davis Powerline Road.
We parked our vehicles near the closed entrance station and waited for the arrival of the tow-truck.
Jaden shared his tasty Takis with everyone.
As we waited for the tow-truck the sun began to set and the temperature dropped.
Jeep and tow-truck departed for Searchlight in an artsy blur. Jeff and Jaden spent the night at the El Rey Motel and their vehicle was back on the road the next day.
After a late dinner in Searchlight Dan and Rachel said farewell and headed for home.
Jan and I drove back to Lake Mohave and set up camp at Six Mile Cove where dawn found us just yards from the shore.
I collected a small handful of twigs, fired up the Silverfire biomass rocket stove and boiled water for our morning tea. It is amazing just how little fuel this stove uses. We are able to cook an entire breakfast of tea, sausage and eggs with a large hand-full of 1/2 inch twigs.
After breakfast we departed Lake Mohave and drove on to explore more of the LMNRA.

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  1. Even with a few problems, it was another great trip Bill! Thanks for documenting it so well! Rachel will enjoy looking at this for years to come! -- Dan