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Monday, January 5, 2015

Around Lake Mohave Part 3 - "Human skull alongside the road"

We drove about 20 miles north of Searchlight, turned right onto a power line road and headed east toward the granite outcrops of Knob Hill.
The road began to zigzag its way through the hills.
Then the road dropped into a snowy wash.
We drove around the Knob Hill area looking for a future campsite.
On our way to the next destination I saw something odd to my left.
It turned out to be quite a bit larger that it looked in the distance and we both wondered what it was all about.
Next we drove down a narrow rough canyon toward the Oro Plata Mine.
After about a mile a cabin came into view.
There were two cabins at this mine, the first being this little one next to the wash.
The other cabin was larger and had several rooms. Both were very untidy inside. To the left was a large mine shaft with a cupola bat gate.
After driving back up the canyon we drove another road toward our next destination.
This cabin was built right next to the mine. Probably the Golden Empire Mine.
A look down the shaft.
Then it was on to the Keyhole.
We parked and walked to the canyon looking for art.
It did not take long to find.
Interesting shapes on this panel.
The Keyhole pour-over would be amazing to see in action.
Jan spotted a hanger to the right the falls.
The sun was setting as we returned to the truck.
We decided to drive the power-line road back to Knob Hill.
Behind us a golden sunset poured over the horizon.
We drove up a familiar wash.
And set up camp among the granite boulders of Knob Hill.
Jan prepared dinner as I took photographs of our camp.
Dawn at our Knob Hill camp.
I cooked up breakfast of sausage and eggs on our Silverfire stove.
After breaking camp we drove up to a ridge and looked down at the next objective.
We were driving along a nice little winding side road through the boulders headed for the well graded smoothness of Grandpa's Road when ....
 .... Jan casually said that there was a human skull alongside the road. I stopped to take a look and had to admit that the end of an old Joshua Tree branch really did bear a resemblance to a human cranium.
Grandpa Road, at it's end US 95 and pavement.

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