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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Quatal Canyon LPNF- "olfactory smorgasbord"

After driving through the unincorporated Pine Mountain Club on Mil Potrero Highway the fading light of a warm spring day found us north of Cerro Noroeste driving east from Toad Springs Campground on Quatal Canyon Road.
 We drove slowly down the narrow rutted road and Bosco enjoyed the olfactory smorgasbord.
 After about two miles we arrived at the broader reaches of Quatal Canyon as darkness fell.
 We turned left and drove through the trees.
 The vegetation thinned as we neared the wash.
 We set up camp in a small sandy alcove. I ate a spicy chicken sandwich while Bosco dined on some tasty brown morsels of kibble.

 Dawn in Quatal Canyon.
 Looking west at the dawn's early light over the Cuyama Valley.
 After breakfast Bosco and I spent the morning relaxing around camp. I read and he napped under the truck. No photos of Bosco napping because every time I tried to get a photo he thought we were ready to go for a hike. Managed a photo after he jumped into the camper.
 We went on several hikes and during one found what I thought might have been the campsite used by myself and friends several decades ago.
It was late afternoon when we broke camp.
And explored more of the wash.
Eventually we made our way back to the road.
And turned right to head east back up the canyon.
One of the wider sections of the upper canyon road.
Our camp in the moonlight at Toad Springs Campground. Bosco and I relaxed listening to the calls of coyotes and owls echoing in the darkness. Well, I relaxed but Bosco seemed to be a bit more interested.
Bosco seemed to be thinking that I was going on a hike without him.
After breakfast we began our drive home.

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