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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Evening/Morning at Saddleback Butte - "a mysterious light streaked across the night sky"

Late on a Saturday afternoon we drove to Saddleback Butte State Park and paid our fees.
And after everyone arrived we started for the peak.
Jagger was excited about reaching the saddle because he only had about 15 minutes of hiking until the summit.
Many of the group were already celebrating on the summit block.
Gorgeous views of the desert surrounded us as the sun set in the west.
After summit photos it was time to hike back down the trail to our vehicles.
To the west a mysterious light streaked across the night sky. We all proposed theories about what caused this remarkable sight. Later in camp Josh googled and informed us that it was a missile launch.
When we reached camp a fire was started and we continued a tradition. Once again it was a rousing success.
A single empty cardboard box made quite a blaze as we prepared dinner and relaxed around the campfire until chilly temperatures sent us all to the warmth of our sleeping bags.
About an hour before dawn the moon and two planets aligned above the peak.
Our camper waiting for sunrise.
Sunrise behind Saddleback Butte with our camp to the right.
After breakfast everyone packed up their camps and started for home.

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