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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Surprise Adventure to the Carrizo Plain - "amid a blanket of blooms"

(photo credit: Megan Murphy)
Eventually a total of 21 vehicles sporting Explorers flag window stickers arrived at the rendezvous spot for this year's Surprise Adventure. We parked next to the San Andreas Fault alongside Soda Lake Road on the South end of the Carrizo Plain. After a brief discussion about the area and distributing maps the group dispersed and drove North.
(photo credit: Megan Murphy) 
We came to view the super-bloom and were not disappointed.
 (photo credit: Keira Banks)
(photo credit: Megan Murphy) 
Most of the group stopped at Traver Ranch.
I drove ahead of the group to mark the turn to "The Purple."
The week before Bosco and I had the entire area to ourselves. This weekend there were more than 20 vehicles parked near this massive floral display.
After "The Purple" most of the group continued North to Soda Lake.
I drove into the hills to secure a campsite for the Explorers who were camping for the night.
As sunset approached five families joined me and Bosco at a lovely campsite above the plain.
 (photo credit: Keira Banks)
The shadows lengthened as we set up camp amid a blanket of blooms.
After dinner we gathered together for S'mores and then retired for the night.
This particular night was the 365th for me in our Four Wheel Camper. Difficult to wrap my brain around the fact that in the last ten years I have spent 1/10th of those nights sleeping in a camper.
Our camp at dawn. The overnight low was 12 degrees lower than forecast.
 (photo credit: Keira Banks)
Keira captured an image of our camper in the morning light.
There was a large field of Fiddlenecks across the road from our camp.
After breakfast we broke camp. Bosco and I drove South for home while everyone else drove North to visit Soda Lake.

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