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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Northeast of Tonapah, Toquima Mountains - "stopped by a long snow drift"

 Entering Ikes Canyon.
 Further along in Ikes Canyon.
 High on the upper reaches of Ikes Canyon we are stopped by a long snow drift just a few hundred yards from the top of the pass.
 This drift blocking our route required us to detour more than 30 miles to reach our destination. The drift also meant that we had to back up about 1/4 mile until we could turn around.
 While reversing our route I noticed this field of Mule Ears above the road.
 While driving our detour route we got our first flat and I recalled that on our previous trip into this area we limped into Eureka having used both spares and driving on a tire with a leaky plug.
 Near Stoneberger Basin.
 Dealing with another flat tire. Our bad luck in the Toquima Mountains continued.
 Evening at our camp near White Rock Mountain in the Toquima Mountains. We camped here for two nights enjoying the cool breeze.
 Driving north toward Clipper Gap on the Fourth of July.

 Drove by this three wheeler and noticed a note, inside a plastic bag, attached to the handle bars.
 The note.

Crossing Stoneberger Creek.
 Celebrating Independence Day at the Indian Ranch Cabins.
Toquima Campground near Pete's Summit.
We spotted these burros near Spencer Hot Springs. A few miles after taking this photo we reached US 50 and turned east for Eureka. Used seven gallons of our extra fuel on this trek.

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