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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Between Two Canyons, Again

My friend Mike, owner of the Big Blue Van, and I were talking by phone on Wednesday night about getting away from the city but both of us had commitments on Saturday.
I suggested a short drive to a camp like the Between Two Canyons trek.

Friday night we met near my home and drove into the dark canyons of the nearby mountains. When we stopped on a sharp switchback for a photo I discovered that my camera was resting comfortably at home. That meant that there would be no photos for this trek.

With nothing more to write it seemed like a good opportunity to share several of my favorite photos of the Big Blue Van.

Red Rock Canyon, above the black rock.
 Panamint Mountains, DVNP near Rita's Cabin.
 Grade Valley, Los Padres NF
 Pleasant Canyon DVNP
 Cleghorn Mountain
  Cleghorn Mountain
Red Rock Canyon

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